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1. any nasty fight between women, not necessarily involving physical violence

2. two women fighting. Often involving manuvures men would consider out of bounds e.g. pulling hair, scratching, etc.

3. the male fantasy of two women ripping each others clothes off. Combines the pleasure of multiple strippers, wrestling, and novelty for free. What's not to like?

4. the most sexist/sexiest TV commercial of recent memory in which two models strip down to their lingerie in a pool at a fancy restaurant in less than one minute.
The cat fight commercial was Kitana Baker's ticket to fame. She tore off the "Tastes Great" babe's top in one swipe.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
A vicious fight between two women that features biting & scratching and often involves clothes being ripped off,
"Patty tore off Stacey's top and scratched her tits in the catfight."
by Rick March 25, 2005
catfight: usually used to describe two girls/women who are mucho pissed at each other, and after a few girly insults they fight, normally by scratching each other, slaps, pulling hair, and other cliched catfight methods.

note: men seem to find these catfights extremely amusing. perhaps, for the same reason that lame college guys have a thing for lesbians. the reason, exactly? we may never know.
Tori: Rea, did you really hook up with that loser Ty at Carson's party? You are such a slut!
Rea: Don't be a gossipy bitch.
Tori: What the hell did you just call me?!
Rea: A gossipy bitch. Which is what you are.
Tori: *slaps*
Carson: Oh, dude! Chicks fighting!
Ty: Awesome!
by doesthatmakemecrazy? October 19, 2006
when girls fight to each other phisically, usually in the same time, they act as a drama queen :)
the two hottest girl in the school burst into a catfight for the best looking boy
by EvaO October 07, 2009
When two women fight HARDCORE style, usually resulting in someone being bloddied and incapacitated
Cat Fights are cool!
by Silky Smooth October 23, 2003
girls that is thin or sexy fighting each other and sometime take their clothes off. fat girls fighting are called cow fight
cat fightin are good ol stuff to watch homie
by homie June 18, 2003
A cat fight is the younger sister of the bear fight and the tiger fight - a glass of Pinot Gris followed by a glass of Merlot. The drink of choice for pweefs and fans of the StarWars series.
I was at the bar with a couple of my buddies and was getting noticed by all kinds of strange when my buddy Jim Drinan stumbled up with a handful of Cat Fights - needless to say I went home empty-handed.
by Andrew Holcomb Davidson January 13, 2009
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