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someone very pathetic and wimpy, generally used as an insult against both sexes. often confused with fag, sissyand other rather small-minded terms for a homosexual man.
"wow. you won't touch already-chewed gum, even if YOU chewed it? what a friggin pansy!"
by doesthatmakemecrazy? October 30, 2006
catfight: usually used to describe two girls/women who are mucho pissed at each other, and after a few girly insults they fight, normally by scratching each other, slaps, pulling hair, and other cliched catfight methods.

note: men seem to find these catfights extremely amusing. perhaps, for the same reason that lame college guys have a thing for lesbians. the reason, exactly? we may never know.
Tori: Rea, did you really hook up with that loser Ty at Carson's party? You are such a slut!
Rea: Don't be a gossipy bitch.
Tori: What the hell did you just call me?!
Rea: A gossipy bitch. Which is what you are.
Tori: *slaps*
Carson: Oh, dude! Chicks fighting!
Ty: Awesome!
by doesthatmakemecrazy? October 19, 2006
A term that can apply to a wide variety of things.

1. The Stereotype
Stereotyped fangirls are, as the name suggests, a caricature of a fangirl's main traits; these being a complete and total obsession with their fandom. They tend to rant on forums, draw really bad fanart and drool over online fanfiction describe messy slash rapage. And Mpreg. *shudders*

2. By Far More Realistic Fangirl.
These fangirls are not quite as disturbingly devoted to their obsessions. Sure, they will write and read fanfiction and discuss characters on forums, but they understand the utter futility of declaring that Riku, or Cloud Strife, Orlando Bloom or who the hell is their fandom is THEIRS for eternity, and they will disembowel you with their katana if you touch their pixelated lovers.
Normal fangirls also don't stalk. Because stalking is bad and an easy way to get arrested.

2. Did you see Johnny Depp in the new Pirates movie? He was hotter than usual...Shame about the fangirls. *watches as a stereotyped fangirl glomps a cardboard cutout of johnny depp*
by doesthatmakemecrazy? June 20, 2007
a heightened state of bitching in which the wrathbitch in question becomes ridiculously pissed and prone to getting in an even pissier mood. not to be mistaken for PMS. the wrathbitch is always female (not being sexist, here, it's the truth) and typically is confused by this state of being incredibly pissed, all though on some isolated incidents, the wrathbitch is delighted about being so pissed, for reasons she had best keep to herself.

adj. wrathbitchy
noun. wrathbitch
That's total wrathbitchiness right there, man. I'd back off.

Oh my God, I feel so freakin' wrathbitchy!
by doesthatmakemecrazy? September 15, 2006
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