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Amazing girl that basically rocks everybody's world. She is totally classy and an awesome friend.
"Lesley is amazing. I wish she was my friend."
by LaJaLa March 03, 2009
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Feminine name; Scottish in origin; meaning dark grey fortress.

Often given to women of incredible beauty and abysmal depth, whose demeanor evokes some ancient mystical rite lost to modern time.

Like a dark grey castle fortress in the early morning, one marvels at its beauty subtley and magically revealed through fog and mist. One longs to not merely see the timelessness of such a creation, but to also scale its walls to be part of something greater and far more ancient than the one's self.

Perhaps once in a lifetime, one is lucky enough to see a Lesley. And if so, one will never forget how such a sight grants one with an apprecitation of the gradiations between the physical and metaphysical.
On an early morning, many years ago, I was lucky enough to see a Lesley.
by The Bunny Boy July 07, 2009
Amazing, absolutely beautiful, perverted, so fun to be with.
will make you feel so special.
the most amazing girlfriend you can ever have.
great kisser.
you can get lost in her gorgeous eyes.
you will love her

likes to argue a lot and needs to be punished for it
Lesley is the best girlfriend ever.
by mexican slut June 22, 2009
a short and adorable girl. she loves having fun,and shes fun to be around. shes smart,funny and more she the best friend i ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you lesley
girl: look at lesleys besties cracking up cuz of her

girl 2 : i wished i could have been her bestie
by girly girl ;* June 07, 2011
The feminine form of the unisex name Lesley/Leslie
The EY implies female
No, my name is Lesley, because I'm a girl.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
A tranny who loves men named James. Who wants to live off of Panda Express Naked. Is very GAY PROUD. Very sarcastic but makes a great addition to any backstreet boy groups.
Look at that tranny he is such a lesley.
by Robby's Girl August 24, 2008
A.) A scallywag slut-face who often sucks the penis of young chickens. However, if there are no chickens around, then she settles for horses or elephants.

B.) A young pornstar that likes to lick or hump sidewalks.

C.) Is a man that is blinded by shiney vaginas.
A.) Did you see that Lesley break into the zoo the other day? I heard they sued her for animal harassment.

B.) I went all Lesley in Rome!

C.) Ah! I didn't mean to make you Lesley.
by KelseyP July 10, 2008

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