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(noun) One who is adept and dynamic in the art of cunnilingus. 2. One who enjoys muff diving.
That carpet jockey was audacious; it was the most vigorous display of stag film carpet jockeying I've ever seen.
by Antenna Wilde February 14, 2008
A term used to describe those crazy arabs and their silly magical stories. (Aladdin.) You know, its funny how people make such a big friggin deal about minority racial slurs, but when Dave Chappelle or Nick Cannon goes on TV and makes fun of white people for a whole hour and calls it a television show, nobody says a friggin word. Therefore, this is not a 'derogatory' term.
Those goddam carpet jockeys should stop bombing INNOCENT people and learn to accept people's differences. Maybe then we wouldn't think so lowly of them.
by REASON AND LOGIC August 25, 2006
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