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its the act by which someone if surfing the carpet looking for bits of crack that might have droped on the floor after a rough night.
crack heads go carpet surfing when they are fiending for more drugs.
#crack #crack head #fiend #crack whore #cracker
by kareemo February 01, 2006
A despretly fiending scavenger who crawls on the floor combing the carpet looking for a tiny nugorshard one of his friends might have dropped during a session in hopes it is big enough to get a high.
Dude, give the carpet surfing a rest, John didn't drop anything!
#crumb snatcher #fiend #tweek #dope fiend #scum bag
by Dream Rude October 23, 2006
when a dog (small or large) sits on the carpet and drags around the room on it's butt using it front legs.
Look honey, Fido is carpet surfing his ass off on our heirloom, oriental rug.
#dog #butt #dragging #k9 #rug
by qazedctgbujmesztfcuhbokm November 05, 2008
a drug fiend of some kind but most likely a cocaine addict that is desperate to find the small amounts of cocaine dropped previously to the ground. in most cases driving them down on there hands and knees covering every inch of the carpet and most likely only finding a taste.
damn i came home last night from the bar and jerome was carpet surfing again!!! what a fucking fiend
#carpet #carpets #surf #surfing #surfs
by mr.fiend December 11, 2010
car·pet surf·ing



:The act of vigoursly searching, scavenging, and/or unearthing one's carpet in hopes of finding something of profound interest; usually followed by the immediate consumption of said interest:

These interests can include, but are not limited to: candy, cookies, various other foods, and drugs
Person A: "Oh no! I dropped all this "candy" on the floor. What are we gonna do?"

Person B: "I hope you brought your surfboard bro. Cause, we're going carpet surfing!"
#search #scavenge #fiend #junkie #jitters
by Shaving Ryan's Privates February 16, 2014
carpet surfing: when you crash at a friends house after a night of drinking and are forced to sleep on the bare (and often rough) carpet, with no blankets or pillows

joe: "hey soldier, you still coming up to my place this weekend?"

eric: "ya, but it looks like im going to be carpet surfing...i don't have room for anything else in my bag"
#drinking #drunk #sleeping #sleep #hungover
by Ryan Cash March 18, 2008
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