Pixar's most bad-ass movie yet!
Bob: Hey Bill, did you see Cars last night?

Bill: Yeah it kicked butt
by stop it loser August 06, 2006
Albanian for man sausage.
My car is enormous.
by Rigore April 07, 2011
a weapon of mass destruction for many forest animals generally located on roads
A semi truck and/or car or SUV
by Colin McLain May 16, 2007
1. an American new wave band that existed from 1976 to 1988. They made great music that drew in classic rock and punk fans. They made innovative award-winning videos and were the kind of band that no one was a fanatic of, yet no one hated (except maybe your mother). Their image and lyrics were primarily about girls, cars, girls, nights on the town, girls, rock'n'roll and girls. Great fun.

2. a killer computer-animated movie released in 2006 that features the voice of Owen Wilson portraying the protagonist carLightning McQueen. Not rip-roaring funny but if you look hard enough, the humor is there (especially in the various scattered pop culture references). OK, the plot does bog down a little bit in the middle of the story, and there are one or two wussy pop songs, too but Cars is a very enjoyable movie for all ages. It is IMHO probably the movie that matters the most this year. Slip in the DVD and watch it. You will be thrilled.
1. the best Cars albums include "Candy - O", "Heartbeat City", "Panarama" and "Anthology - Just What I Needed".

2. the movie Cars has a terrific soundtrack featuring cool songs by Sheryl Crow, Rascall Flats(a stunningly faithful cover of Tom Cochran's 1992 hit "Life is a Highway"),Chuck Berry and more. Very entertaining.
by Starpunk November 13, 2006
An automobile designed for faster travel. Ussually running on gas, however some use other things such as french fry oil.
I drive my car to work every day.
by Andy the stelcy August 09, 2006
a term used for porn when you dont want people around you to hear it
Yo John lets go watch some cars at my house!!
by MBH & TMA November 29, 2006
2-ton steel carriages powered by explosions, made out of dinosaurs which are used for transportation
I drove my car to the fuel station to fill reservoir with liquified prehistoric reptiles.
by That one reddit guy March 03, 2012

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