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A particular feeling of stomach discomfort following the consuption of greasy, unhealthy food (especially McDonalds). Symptoms may include nausea, but are most commonly a feeling of bloatedness, gas, and weight "clutching" your stomach. Theories explaining the origins of the clutch include the mixture of hot greasy food followed by 64 oz. of cold, carbonated soda mixing in the stomach. This affliction is especially dangerous when experienced while driving an automobile.

May also be considered the undesired relative of "the itis."
"5 miles after eating a Big Mac Combo Meal from a highway rest area, I was hit by The Clutch. The rest of my drive sucked."
by Sean1 June 05, 2006
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A feeling of joy and excitement during an event when 2 competitive teams play against each other during the final end giving that one of them will be the winner and they are currently draw but one have more advantage than the other and at overtime or the end of the match decide that the losing team won the game by a miracle.
"And now for the decisive moment, Team A is currently losing to Team B"
"Hold on! It seems that Team A is coming back, yes! They did it! The Clutch!!!"
by The Clutch August 10, 2015
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The consumption of zesty nachos at Dennys upon conclusion of marijuana use.
(At Dennys, heavily inebriated)
"What do you think we should order?"
"The zesty nachos man, they're the clutch".
by mswee December 20, 2013
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