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A word used constantly by lads in sydney who think their top shit. (1): It usually means good or cool.(2) Is also used to mean run, usually when someone see's them writing up one will shout eshays and they will all piss bolt. The word Illchays (as in chill) is also used but when someone is coming but hasnt seen them yet, so they dont need to run but just stop their homo activities
(1) Lad 1: Oi bro, i just staunched some cu*t for his wallet.
Lad 2: Eshays

(2) Lad 1: Oi lad, check out this sick throwy

Lad 2: *see's someone running towards them* ESHAYS!!!
by El Blaneos January 20, 2006
An 'Eshay' is another term for an Australian lad, the equivalent of a British chav. 'Eshays' are almost always from a poor background, have little or no secondary education and rely on centrelink payments or theft to support their habits of illicit drug use, graffiti and purchasing "fresh gear".

Eshays are generally feared by the public and are notorious for bashing innocent people for their valuables, staring people down and hanging in packs.

Most eshays cannot fight at all however target their victims in large groups. Almost all smoke weed on a regular basis and often get on various other drugs (such as MDMA, amphetamines, LSD) at raves. They enjoy attending hardstyle concerts and are reputable for engaging in their 'gabber dance'.

They are easily identifiable from what they wear:
-striped polo shirts
-any nautica, polo RL, tommy hilfiger gear
- sports shorts
-Nike TNs Shox or airmax's
Eshay 1: Oii Braa, wanna get on sum mad pingas tonight?
Eshay 2: Yeah lad, we gotta get ourselves some ashcay first, how bout we staunch that faggot over there aye bra?

*faggot puts both eshays on their arse*
by Eshaysbra July 23, 2011
1)word used by lads british see chavs. technically meant to be the pig latin of yes, but only emphasises the stupidity of lads as the pig latin of yes is esyay.
2)has been taken onto mean anything, by lads, so it can be used when a lad has inadequate vocabulary to respond to his fellow lad's saying, which will usually revolve around cars other lads, lasses, a gang bashing or just the word eshays
1)normal: did you watch the footy?
lad: eshays

2)lad 1: me and my mates bashed this four year old the other day. got 60 cents off him bra.
lad 2: eshays

lad 1: eshays
lad 2: eshays
(bask in lad-believed awesomeness)
by A.n.d.r.e.w April 19, 2008
the bunch of maquarie fields bitch boys who think they r king shit and they westie gangsters that have a cleatus accent and have no balls

maquarie fields people are esh
by class war March 17, 2005
Expression of satisfaction.
"yes" in piglatin pronounced "esyay" which developed into "eshay".
1: "Let's go cruising"
2: "Eshay!"
by JD April 19, 2004
1. used as an expresion; fuck yeah, yeah, etc
2. sesh - the smoking of choof
man1: oi we are gona jump this cunt over there.
man2:eshay !

man1: lets go for a esh lad.
by bren May 12, 2003
is a penrith expression used by all the ESHLADS.
it simply is 'yes' in piglatin, but with a H instead of the Y.
it is used to refer to these people who think they are this shit in penrith and surrounding areas. they aer identified as the idiots walking around in canterburys, striped polos, usually nautica, and nike tn's with a tiny backpack, and a fag lit in their hands annd then one behind their ear. the original annd only eshlads are the jamison boys who thought of it annd then theres just the retards who think they are esh just cause they wear the same stuff as them annd smoke. usually think they own penrith plaza, ha well they are mistaken. try and start shit but alwasy are like nahh man ill just go get my crew. and then fuck off. then tell their mates oh bro i full kicked the shit out of these fuckers today. when infact they pussyed out.
ermm look at these eshlads in their canterburys and tn's. think they are king shit. ha. eshays
by rachh. April 06, 2008
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