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4 definitions by Andy the stelcy

An automobile designed for faster travel. Ussually running on gas, however some use other things such as french fry oil.
I drive my car to work every day.
by Andy the stelcy August 09, 2006
95 76
A dedicated individual who devotes time and money to his/her team.
Randy is a team fan of the jets and dedicates himself to them.
by Andy the stelcy July 26, 2006
1 0
Shiny and flashy items that attract attention top one's self. Bling is slang for new or pricy jewelry.
Zak wheres much bling on his neck and wrists. (such as neckleces and bracelets)
by Andy the stelcy July 26, 2006
28 27
A term used to describe a non-prow person usually in a computer game. The person despite of experience does not gain skill or knowlege of the game and hinders and hurts his team.
Bob is a n00b. he does not listen to his team and therefore fails to accomplish team objectives.
by Andy the stelcy July 26, 2006
26 29