A TV "hero" who was summoned by a group of "planeteers" to defeat "eco-villans". The summon starts with "Fire" and continues with the rest of the planeteers with "Earth", "Wind", "Water", and "Heart". This, in turn, summons Captain Planet to save the day in this fictional TV show.

Also, it's a general internet fad for GameFAQs message boards, wherein each user starts the fad with "Fire", and the rest of the people are expected to follow through with the summon until the original "Fire" poster or sometimes another poster finishes the summon. These summons, when pulled off correctly are usually found funny, and make any topic off-topic and marked for deletion. Anyone who breaks said fad, is dispised.
Poster1: Fire!
Poster2: Earth!
Poster3: Wind!
Poster4: Water!
Poster5: Heart!
PosterX: With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet
<off-topic-ness ensues>
by HyperRyun/Bob December 08, 2006
Top Definition
It is ironic that the show, which was supposed to be about saving the environment, is actually sponsored by a few corporations which are responsible for some of the world's pollution. It kinda negates the whole purpose of the show.
Oh shit. The wind blew the plastic wrapper of my sandwich from the table to the ground. Captain Planet is surely going to give me a half-hour lecture about reducing, reusing, and recycling.
by sarcastic October 13, 2003
Captain Planet: King of the Mullets
"Captain Planet has a better mullet than Patrick Swayze!"
by Harry Fucker May 28, 2005
I can't believe I liked watching that shit as a kid.
by true July 15, 2003
A show which was invented not by environmentalists and politicians as typically thought, but rather corporate polluters and the government to convince children that pollution is the result of a group of dumb, grotesque individual outcasts who do it for no purpose at all, rather than the result of the monetary interests of corporations.
Boy: Those evildoers are releasing pollution into the water. Boy, they had better watch out for Captain Planet.
Man: It's not evildoers, it's the local oil business. And Captain Planet is fictional.
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
A treehugging super hero who while the Planeteers weren't looking used aerosol
cans, left the water running while brushing his teeth, and didn't recycle.
After secretly dumping toxic waste into the Great Lakes, Captain Planet got serviced by one of his Planeteers
by kingdick April 30, 2005
Protect the environment, or he'll fucking kill you!
Guy: You got glass in my eyes..
Ted Turner: ..And my foot in your BALLS!"
by Ghost Dog X August 12, 2009
A homo-erotic invention of Ted Turner.
roflmmfao@tt 'nuff said
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