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A superhero who is made of the five elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Heart. These elements are represented by children who run around saving the world, and when in grave danger combine to form Captain Planet.
Kwame: "Earth!"
Wheeler: "Fire!"
Linka: "Wind!"
Gi: "Water!"
Ma-Ti: "Heart!"
All: "Together, we form CAPTAIN PLANET!"
by ryan_teh_awesome November 16, 2005
A word that can be used in any situation.
1.me: Halimogamophigus!
willy: duh

2.matt: I like Men
*awkward silence*
me: halimogamophigus!
by ryan_teh_awesome October 14, 2005
(n) 1. A polite term for a male OR females reproductive organ.

2. Someone who has many, many children.

3. One who makes babies. (Often a prostitute)

(v) 4. The act of teabagging.
1. "Oh, you kicked him right in the baby maker!"

2. "Look at that baby maker over there. She's practically juggling those babies!"

3. "I'm going to head over the baby maker today to see what she has in stock. Do you need one while I'm there?"

4. "I can't believe he baby-makered my corpse!"
by ryan_teh_awesome October 20, 2005
1. The acronym for Battle Rifle in Halo 2.
2. The acronym for Butt Rape
1. Oh no! I'm getting BR'd!
2. Oh no! I'm getting BR'd!
by ryan_teh_awesome November 18, 2005

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