A superhero who is made of the five elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Heart. These elements are represented by children who run around saving the world, and when in grave danger combine to form Captain Planet.
Kwame: "Earth!"
Wheeler: "Fire!"
Linka: "Wind!"
Gi: "Water!"
Ma-Ti: "Heart!"
All: "Together, we form CAPTAIN PLANET!"
by ryan_teh_awesome November 16, 2005
The "god" worshiped by the Democratic Party.
Just go to one of their environmental rallies and you will see Democrats praying to and worshiping Captain Planet.
by it's weird freaky shit man September 18, 2005
Receiving fellatio or head while eating a hot pocket, usually a hot pocket with cheese in it.
yeah that hoe gave me a captain planet last Sat.
by Paul February 16, 2005
Superhero composed of five elements. Without any of these, he was the most useless thing ever, and even with these things, is still damn useless.
white kid: oh shit, we need CAPTAIN PLANET!
black kid: oh, no the asian kid's takin a shit
Latino kid: OK, i'll use heart power, the most contrived piece of shit ever.
by Zaven, betch December 17, 2006
Captain Planet was a government conspiracy to makes people actually want to recycle. Just goes to show you how affective the government is, I mean just look at the show!
Don't do that to my Captain Planet, it is rather sensitive.
by The Best November 18, 2003
The show even used some song from the New Kids on the Block as the ending theme. I believe the song was titled "Step by Step" or "Gonna Get to you Girl", or something like that.
Damn that Captain Planet cartoon was incredibly gay.
by bahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!! August 25, 2003
Earth,fire,wind,water,heart,Go Planet...
This environmentalist cartoon from the 90's that included 5 memebers from all continents.
Fire=black one. Fire=The white American
Wind=Some european girl with accent
Water=Asian girl
Heart=Some latino boy with a monkey.
and of course captain planet= red and white outfit with a planet logo blueish hair and greenish skin.They flew places with a solar powered airplaned.
I used to watch that, althogh never learned a lesson.
by outlast October 18, 2003

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