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Having sex with exes in order to keep your partner count down.
Tarah: Did you hear about Tiela? She's going out with Pablo again.
Alli: No, she's just recycling him until the end of winter. Or until she gets a new boyfriend. Whatever comes first.
by Teerish December 18, 2007
In the S&M world, when a Dominatrix has her sub-male swallow his own cum.
Its Mistress granted her sub-male the privilege of masturbating in her presence, recycling his own cum as he licks it off her boots.
by Ms Julie April 25, 2008
Something Captain planet tells you to do to save the environment (to do the above)
alright, lets have a recycle party!
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
The act or process of re-using former sexual partners, either due to lack of forward progress in new sexual partner acquisition, low self-esteem or general inability to "let go"
Dude, I thought you were done with Megan?
I thought so too, I hate to admit it but we started talking again.
Bro, no recycling.
by Freshdb January 10, 2012
Verb: The act of swallowing a load of cum, throwing it up into a cup or jar, and swallowing it again (purely for the taste).
When she kissed me, her breath was so bad I thought maybe she'd just got done recycling a dalmatian.
by Gary the Saint August 25, 2010
When smoking, you blow the smoke out of your mouth, and then immediantly breath it through your nose again, thereby recycling your smoke over again.
Mike: "Hey man, why you breathing all your smoke in?"

Jim: "Recycling man, gets you high quicker."

Mike: "Nice man."
by Hex00010 March 17, 2010
the act of re-dating an ex boyfriend/girlfriend of yours
Andy: "Did ya hear Jenn is recycling?"
Dave: "She's helping conserve?"
Andy: "No she's dating one of her ex's again..."
by catesmrksmn February 05, 2010
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