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what you say when someone is annoying the crap out of you... or they are mean... in white-people language it's "i'm going to cut you"
"ho... if you don't stop that, i'ma cutchu
by Bethany March 28, 2004
Pronounced ahn-doe-sheen.
A French band, been going since 1981. Original members were Nicola Sirkis, Stéphane Sirkis, Dimitri Bodianski and Dominique Nicolas (If I remember correctly). Nicola is the sole remaining original member. The line up is now Nicola Sirkis, Boris Jardel, Olivier Gérard, Marc Eliard and François Soulier. On their latest album, Alice Et June, Indochine collaborated with AqME, Wampas, Scala And Kolacny Bros and Brian Molko.

It's a real shame that they're widely unknown in non-French speaking countries. Language shouldn't be a barrier when it comes to good music *sad shake of head*
Person 1: Have you heard Indochine's new song?
Person 2: Who's new song? Indysheen?
Person 1: Never mind.
by Bethany November 23, 2006
a mulét is Brian Molko's current hair cut (the one with the long sideburns and flickety bit at the back)
a lot of people think that it is a mullet that Brian's got, but mullet is such an ugly word, too ugly for Brian, so I've changed it to mulét (pronounced moo-lay)
"hey look, Brian's got a mullet!!"
"no, it's a MULÉT, mullet is such an ugly word and Brian is so beautiful"
by Bethany October 10, 2004
Used to present a children's art program on CBBC called SMart, along with a guy called Jay something and a woman called Kirsten something. I don't know if the program is still going or not, though.
I saw him in St. John's Wood a couple of weeks ago. He's my new celebrity friend.
Mark Speight: Hello and welcome to SMart! Today blah blah blah...
by Bethany August 31, 2006
The process of ripping a "new one" but not quite as severe.
He wasn't so mad at me that he ripped me a new @$$hole but I did receive a severe enimation.
by Bethany February 20, 2004
The unbelievably brilliant dance that Stefan Olsdal, of the equally brilliant band Placebo does on stage, often but not limited to the song Taste In Men. I think he might have been gay dancing a bit during Protege Moi at Wembley 2004 but I'm not sure, I couldn't see very well....
The gay dance involves a lot of hip swinging, arms in the air and general sexual energy. Ask any Placbeo fan about it and they'll probably give you a demonstration.
Someone: "Oh you really should have been there, I was right infront of Stef while he was gay dancing!"
Someone else: "ugh you're so lucky!"
Stefan: *gay dances*
by Bethany September 09, 2005
A townie is a scumbag!In other words there should be banned or even killed.There think that terroising people who aren't a townie is "well ard".Normally a female townie will wear some "well class trakkiez" or some tight jeanz wiv PRINCESS OR BABE on the rear end of them.There will wear large gold hooped earings which obviously aren't real gold and a massive gold clown.They will also have their face covered in cheap foundation normally purchased from "da wkd poundy" and blue eyeshadow n mascara.

Male townies:Will ave der 1 ear pierced which there boast there done thereselves.Will wear bowt "20 pure sovvyz". Der will wear sum "top class trakkiez" n a burberry cap which iz facing da sky!!!
Origh m8?
Oright? luk at ma well wkd pure sovvyz gt em 2day from h.samuel
oh..aye..der safe dem r bruv
by Bethany March 14, 2005

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