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A nasty, dirty and often diseased whore's crotch. Typically the filthy crotch and neither region of a prostitute, meth whore or crack whore or just a chick with a dirty, cankered up crotch.
Stan: What's up Carl. Are you seriously going to go out with Jane?
Carl: Yea broooohhhh. I be getting me some a dat!
Stan: You and about six dozen others brooohhhh! That chick is cankered. Wear a sock braaahhhh. Wear a sock!
verb - being completely utterly fucked up
adj - corrupt, down right wrong
noun - a worthless bastard

(born through first use on August 29, 2005 through the creative stylings of R&T)
verb: That is so cankered out.
adj: That bitch has been round the block, and damn, she is cankered.
noun: What a fucking canker...
by TDeucez August 29, 2005

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