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A painful white, or sometimes red bump in your mouth. You might get them on the inside of your lips, the inside of your cheeks, or anywhere in your gums. They're normally caused by putting something dirty in your mouth, such as keys, or simply putting money in your mouth (nickles, quaters, dimes etc.) or even not washing your fruits! These things usally last for 1 or 2 weeks. It heals better if you don't put any treatment on it. But try advil to reduce the pain.
Oh damn, i shouldnt've eaten that un-washed apple! I think i got a canker.
by charlotte45 December 26, 2006
a dried hard compacted snot ball from your nose
put my finger up my nose and pulled out a canker
by Crowtatt June 04, 2006
Sore caused by herpes or infected shaving bump.
Damn get a load of that canker on his lip!

Hey, don't go down tonight, hon...I have a big nasty canker on my puss.
by nixontrix November 05, 2005
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