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7 definitions by nixontrix

World Trade Center, in New York.
On 9/11 the W.T.C. was attacked by terrorists.
by nixontrix November 05, 2005
When feces rubs the inside of the toilet bowl and leaves marks. Easily remedied by multiple flushes.
Your mom left poop streaks in the toilet again!
by nixontrix November 06, 2005
Pre-come, what comes out before the explosion.
She gave this dude head and started gagging on his pults.
by nixontrix November 05, 2005
When intoxicated and rushing to the bathroom, this is the little premature squirt of piss that escapes whilst turning the bathroom light on (flipping the switch).
Dick: Dude, I need some new underwear!

Tom: Why?

Harry: Yeah, why?

Dick: I just had a pistch!

Tom: Damn! That sucks!

Harry: Want some pretzels?
by nixontrix November 05, 2005
Pussy warmth, usually generated from excessive sex or masturbation.
We don't need a fucking heater, maynard! Just tell Shellie to spread her legs and we'll use her purmal to keep warm!
by nixontrix November 05, 2005
A nasty, ugly girl who has sex in vans, closets, public bathrooms, public pools, her parents' bed, etc. etc.
That girl Ria is a total vanch. She fucked six guys in her mom's bed while she was on the rag.
by nixontrix November 05, 2005
Sore caused by herpes or infected shaving bump.
Damn get a load of that canker on his lip!

Hey, don't go down tonight, hon...I have a big nasty canker on my puss.
by nixontrix November 05, 2005