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To lash or whip somebody with a cane. Typically very painful. Often found in BDSM scenarios where the dominant canes the submissive.
Mindy received a sound caning at the hands of her master.
by DirkD January 20, 2007
Caning: Is what you would call it when your girlfriend agree to perform oral sex and you tell your friends about it.

Cane, Caned, Caning, ect.
You: Dude... I got her caning me last night!
Friend: Who?
You: My girlfriend... DUH!!!
Friend: Wow... I remember when she used to cane me.
You: ....
Friend: ....
Friend: What about that weather we're having.
You: ...
by Pursuit Of Destiny July 07, 2010
As seen on many porn sights, a form of porn popular in japan that involves japanese men slapping or punching japanese girls' titties repeatedly, very hard.
Guy 1: Hey, why is he slapping her boobs?
Guy 2: Some weird type of porn called caning...
by Dr. Kazoo August 08, 2010
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