that which you cannot help but miss; a place which is incomprehensible to anyone else but those who have gone there.
Person 1: oh man, I love camp so much.
Person 2: yeah, i miss it.
by jujeff January 25, 2009
v. to chill or hang out in one spot such as a street corner, someone's house, etc.
Person 1: Yo, we ain't got nothing to do
Person 2: It's cool, let's just camp at my front porch right quick
by Deuce P March 03, 2005
a variation of the word jokes, started by a Magee Secondary Student named Aaron Chan. The word jokes is a slang word to describe the words "just kidding." Other variations of this word:
A: Yo, James, your dad died.
B: What!?
A: Camps! ( flash peace sign )

A: Owen, what are you doing?
B: Jokes...
by Owen Caddell and James Li June 20, 2008
1. A place at camp where you can have an amazing time with your friends.
2. Where your second family comes from, where you can depend on everybody, and they can depend on you.

3. Where mamories are made.
Camp is the best place in the world.

I miss my camp family.
by RandomInRed November 27, 2010
1.n Any place where you are expecting to have fun and you don't actually have any fun but then when it is over you for some strange reason recall it as being fun.
2.v. To sit in one place and shoot people
3.v. A word conveniently used by your parents when you go to jail.
1. I went to camp this summer and it was so boring...but anywayz it was so awesome I want to go next year!
2. Bob: how did you get so many kills?
Jim: oh well i just camped behind the hotdog stand and no one saw it coming.
3. Teresa: where has jimmy been lately?
Jimmy's mom: Camp...umm Camp Dolottastuf.
by JohnRboiFosho January 28, 2009
1. the tragically ludicrous; or

2. the ludicrously tragic.
Camp is like when a clown dies.
by protosun August 17, 2008
A type of minimum security correctional facility or clink, not uncommonly involving as part of the rehabilitative milieu community service-type projects in public parks and forests by orange jumpsuited crew members; hence, a bit like a summer 'camp.' Derived from work camp.
Yo, wasn't we at the camp together?
by Bill McCallum December 12, 2006

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