1. To remain in one place; often sitting or waiting or doing something repeatedly.
2. To log out/off of some online fantasy role playing games. (camp out)
Bob camped the area for experience. Bob camped the NPC for a specific item. Bob camped in the corner waiting to snipe enemies.

It was late so Bob had to camp.
by Snowblood January 26, 2004
exaggerated, flamboyant
For the drag act we'll need a completly camp stage set, with purple velvet cutains and glitter.
by mikee June 15, 2003
An Oriental Asian, not Hindi or Middle Eastern.
Yo man, I romped that camp!
by Panda Camp April 07, 2009
Something that is really average, often used be schoolkids insulting eachother's achievments.
"Man your drawing was so camp, my grandmother could draw better!"
by Dr_Defenition March 31, 2009
this basically means like, gay stereotype.
think a flamboyant, effeminate man who likes to think he has taste.
loves kylie/madonna/cher.
who talks like julian clary.
that julian clary, he's a terrible comedian! he's basically making money for being camp!
by xTruth_Hurtsx May 04, 2007
An innocent arrogance
“Camp is popularity plus vulgarity plus innocence” (Indra Jahalani).
by Louis K May 31, 2005
Someone who camps in the same spot in DoD Source, purely to rack up kills with a sniper rifle.
Phonetic racks up lots of kills in DoD Source, from one position, aka camping or to camp alot, with no other purpose then to annoy Chucky`.
by Judge_Chucky January 31, 2007

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