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a furry animal
mike g loves to screw camels
by jeff a November 10, 2003
an arab or a chaldean, used to say homeboy, or buddy, friend
wadup camel

nm u nigga
by Amro June 08, 2005
A CHATAHOLIC, Not uber not a lamer but CAMEL, wise ,knowing alot but if doesnt have the answer finds it
Mr.Camel, Sir.Camel Lord.Camel
by Camel77 December 14, 2007
An individual that can copulate for a prolonged period of time tirelessly.
"How long has he been in there with her, that banging sound is getting annoying?"
"About, 3 hours... that boy is playin like a camel!"
by The Camel April 03, 2005
racist term for an arabic or middle-eastern person
Mohammed: sabah al-hayri! ^.^

Jane: ....

Joe: CAMEL! *knifes*
by Kohrtni-Lin July 18, 2005
An ugly female that you ride to get out of the desert. Similar to A Moped. Be careful, as they are very protective of their rider, they will not let any other female around him for fear of losing their jockey.
Dude, I'm dying. I haven't got laid in three months.

Bro, you need a Camel to get out of the Desert!

(Next Day)--

Sweet, I got some ass last night, but now I can't get her out of my apartment.
by Cece February 15, 2005
one who goes through long periods with out making someone laugh
yo that fucker Phillip is a Camel he hasn't made us laugh in ages
by fishrman July 17, 2003