an ugly, over weight woman who thinks she's really hot and likes to wear clothes that are too tight. SHe shows all her bulges including her camel toe and her huge front fanny flap. THis woman is a loser and will never get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, in fact she will probably work with small children so she can frighten them with her rolls of exposed front fat. She will likely make up stories about her social life because she will never have one. She is also probably a huge binge eater and eats all the pens and pencil tops.
'the camel looks pretty today, that white tshirt shows off all her best assets' "the camel just told people she had a boyfriend when we all know she doesnt, what a loser'
#front bottom #camel toe #flabby guts #lonely freak #teacher #loser
by miscanthus January 10, 2012
an arab or a chaldean, used to say homeboy, or buddy, friend
wadup camel

nm u nigga
by Amro June 08, 2005
a furry animal
mike g loves to screw camels
by jeff a November 10, 2003
A CHATAHOLIC, Not uber not a lamer but CAMEL, wise ,knowing alot but if doesnt have the answer finds it
Mr.Camel, Sir.Camel Lord.Camel
#camel #yahoo #chat #ymlite #booter
by Camel77 December 14, 2007
racist term for an arabic or middle-eastern person
Mohammed: sabah al-hayri! ^.^

Jane: ....

Joe: CAMEL! *knifes*
by Kohrtni-Lin July 18, 2005
An individual that can copulate for a prolonged period of time tirelessly.
"How long has he been in there with her, that banging sound is getting annoying?"
"About, 3 hours... that boy is playin like a camel!"
by The Camel April 03, 2005
An ugly female that you ride to get out of the desert. Similar to A Moped. Be careful, as they are very protective of their rider, they will not let any other female around him for fear of losing their jockey.
Dude, I'm dying. I haven't got laid in three months.

Bro, you need a Camel to get out of the Desert!

(Next Day)--

Sweet, I got some ass last night, but now I can't get her out of my apartment.
by Cece February 15, 2005
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