Pure Evil
That camel is going to steal your soul while you watch.
by Awesome Opossum Sauce Inc. January 22, 2014
girl who is wearing too many bags at one time.
yandy on feb 6 2010. she said she feels like a camel because she have 1 backpack, 1 hobo bag, 1 plastic bag that ties on her bagpack, and an art portfolio. she makes clinking noises when she walks.
by echo, the hot baby February 06, 2010
to very quickly drink vast quantities of any kind of liquid
"Holy shit! you just camelled that 26"

You: You know what time it is?
Friend: 9:35?
You: No, it's CAMEL TIME!!!
by bassiibear November 20, 2010
someone who constantly ruins your day
Man, Mike keeps being a camel. He's just like the ones at petting zoos who always spit on people
by Oddisy April 08, 2012
-A term used to describe a skinny toothless dirt-bag that wears an unzipped oversize camouflage or plaid work coat, with a pack of cheap cigarettes in the breast pocket, and a chewing tobacco stained and/or moth eaten white t-shirt underneath. Also will wear shredded jeans and massive steel toed boots with no socks. They also slick their hair with their own scalp grease. Their chin will sometimes touch their nose when their face is in a relaxed state due to having no teeth to support their face. A camel's walk is extremely unique, and awkward to watch. They tend to bend their knees and lean backwards when they walk, making their undone jacket look like a cape. Their huge boots are so heavy that they don't fall over.
Is that a dead person in the ditch? Oh never mind, it's just a camel.
by noneofyoureffinbuisness January 02, 2011
Maker of the best squares in the world
pass me the camels fucker i need a square
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
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