A female with a large chest. Acronym: Hamster
Alex only likes Emily because she's a camel.
by Moitoi March 21, 2005
Camel as in CAMEL-TOE

the nickname given to steve by lambert

or : " here you go camel have another cream cake"
by Steve-oholmes November 01, 2005
A spin off of the oh so horrible and almighty insult, Llama.
by MT. Golden Llama's cousin September 01, 2003
A female that gives oral pleasure to men and swallows there semen when they get an orgasm
Troymecca is a crowned camel the men love her
by Tanisha Arceneaux August 23, 2005
smoker. goes in front of the name.
we saw Camel Caroline lightin it up over near the english building. it's really not healthy.
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
A racial slur against middle-eastern people.
A camel:
Drives escalades with cheap and sometimes plastic spinners.
Listens to rap with unbeleivably loud bass sytems.
Will not fight you, but threatens to get one of the 600 cousins they have that is 'straight out the joint' whichi is usually a lie, but if it isn't they were in jail for selling drugs.
Slicks back their hair and dresses simlilar to a cholo.
Runs party stores and gas stations.
Spends all their money on a car that they will eventually crash because they assume you will get out of their way and that laws don't apply to them.
Thinks they are better than you no matter how scummy and poor they might be.
Try desperately to freestyle rap.
Refers to himself as "chaldean" to avoid being called Iraqi, Arab, or Middle-Eastern, which is what they really are.
Pretends to be in gangs even though they live in suburbs, and are especially concentrated outside of Detroit to the point where they are the majority.
Is hated by everyone who isn't a camel.

This may come off as racist, but living in a Detroit suburb and dealing with them constantly has given me, along with every other non-'chaldean' person I know, a severe hatred for them.
guy 1:That damn camel won't turn off his fucking sound system. I oughtta go next door and choke him to death with his gold chain.
guy 2:No, don't do it, he has cousins who went to jail.
guy 1:Bullshit, they didn't go to jail. And anyways, they're camels too, they'll just threaten me with their other cousins.
by Ryan Francis November 13, 2005
My wife, I love you <3
Camel, will you marry me?
by Andrew February 21, 2005
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