one who goes through long periods with out making someone laugh
yo that fucker Phillip is a Camel he hasn't made us laugh in ages
by fishrman July 17, 2003
An animal that eats all free food then gups.

Two humped gup attracted to Rodney.
A scabby, annoying humped creature.
A camel says "I love you Rodney, but there's a donut on the table...I'll have to leave the line."
by SillyCamel October 13, 2004
A big lumpy creature that had better start running if wordMen Bouncerword
sees it.
How much would you pay to see Men Bouncer fuck a camel?
by Carpman June 09, 2003
The preferred sexual partner of most Arab males.
Dude, that Arab guy is fucking a camel!
by Pakinator December 02, 2009
Sometimes known as the ships of the dessert. Usually because they are full of arab seamen.
That ship if the dessert is drippy look at those arab seamen dripping out.
by Oham March 14, 2005
A rare unwanted species, extremely slutty and friendless.
Chloe Reynolds
by Alfred March 20, 2004
A hairy ass mother fucker that needs to shave everyday and also needs to learn how to fight by himself. They tend to group up and beat the shit out of other people and never stick to their own buisness. Also tend to think they own everything
That stupid camel needs to shave her back!
by Brendan February 27, 2004
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