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The greatest substance known to man,Worshipped by pagans, exploited by me!
Everybody loves cheese
by Carpman May 14, 2003
An opputunity to belch, fart, scratch your arse and grafitti on desks paid for by your financially struggling school.
The exam went on for two hours, then everybody died because of the methane build up
by Carpman May 21, 2003
Ah crap!
Nertz! He stole my cactus!
by Carpman May 13, 2003
A group of spastics. Can also be used for singular spazzies if they are that bad or if you really don't like them.
Stefan cabbage man is a spazmatazz
by Carpman October 06, 2003
somebody who's head is like a meatloaf
Jimmy is a scuzwuzz
by Carpman October 06, 2003
Somebody who is basically a bucket of sod.
Craig is a big fat sodbucket
by Carpman September 19, 2003
public toilet/changing room
He pissed in the telephone booth
by Carpman May 16, 2003

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