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Form of math derived by Isaac Newton consisting mainly of derivatives and integrals. Allows one to get the slope of the tangent line of a curve or the area under the curve, respectively. Extremely useful in almost all areas of science. Newton wrote it in two weeks, and often takes us about a year to learn.

From calculus, we know that the derivative of position is velocity, and the velocity is acceleration. A third derivative, the jerk (what you feel when a car suddenly stops), can be found, but is not seen as often. These relationships are crucial to the physical sciences.
by MikeNolan October 20, 2003
47 59
A topic that most people don't understand because they're too stupid.
Some have a superficial understanding of this topic.
implicitly differentiate x^2 + y^2 = 2, biatch!!
by LeonC March 30, 2004
107 124
It's a type of hard plaque generally found on teeth.
Dude, I've got calculus...
by A equals A April 12, 2005
181 204
Something warm, fuzzy, and incredibly useful.
A point mass moves in the xy-plane with a velocity given by 6t2+9t+2. What's its average velocity between t=1 and t=4?

Try solving that one without calculus.
by calculus is 1337 September 19, 2005
41 65
The greatest thing on the entire planet!
Calculus is better than sex.
by Peter C Keizer September 18, 2005
101 130
1. Math invented by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century. Involves calculating "limits", numbers that are normally unable to be calculated except through differentiation.

2. The mathematics of Limits and Derivatives.

3. A freakin' impossible math class. Calculus AB is too hard, BC is impossible.
"I hate Newton, he should shove Calculus up his ass, the wanker"
by Jordon December 10, 2003
61 94
As 2together told us...calculus is simply U+Me=Us
"i know my calculus.."
by holly January 05, 2005
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