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A nice looking city outside of LA, overpopulated by wangsters who kill people because they didnt wear the same color as them, and who walk around with bandanas covering there faces cuz they think it makes them bad ass. They act hardcore when they are in big groups or have guns on them, but when alone they are about as tough as the average person. most end up dead or in jail fighting for something that is meaningless when all those people could all just stop the bullshit get along. as a result of there wangster lifestyles, most kids in compton end up having no futures at all.
by tikwah September 09, 2009
A branch of mathematics that is only useful for people trying to enter into certain fields of work, for the rest, it's completely useless. Sadly, universities in the United States require people in fields that have nothing to do with math to take this class in order to graduate, thus lowering there gpa, and making them seem less qualified as a result of a poor mark in a class that has nothing to do with their future career.
Dick: Ahhhh, so stressed!!!
Jane: whats wrong?
Dick: Ah nothing, just gotta a lot of calculus homework
Jane: Why are you taking calculus, aren't you trying to become a physical therapist?
Dick: Ya I am, but I have to take calculus in order to graduate.
Jane: Wow, that makes no sense
by tikwah March 21, 2011

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