As 2together told us...calculus is simply U+Me=Us
"i know my calculus.."
by holly January 05, 2005
Calculus is awesome!
The limit as all y'all approach Calculus is equal to infinity, according to L'Hopital's Rule.

All of y'all probably don't know how to integrate dx/(x²+1)^3/2 or arcsin x dx from 0 to 1.

Derivatives also rock my world! f(x) = 4x³... f'(x) = 12x²... What is the second derivative of f(x) = 12x^4? Figure it out yourself, I'm not gonna tell you.

by Stealth January 22, 2005
a type of math studied by the boy band 2gether
I know my calculus, it says you+me=us ! HAHAHAHAH
by Captain Illmatic November 15, 2006
Some abstract form of arithmetic.
I'm in calculus.
by Bilbo Baggins November 12, 2002
Pissing easy course who dumbasses like you think is hard. Try real and complex analysis on for size. Biatch
Every convergent sequence in probaility has an almost sure convergent subsequence. Eat my shorts, biatch
by Nerd May 15, 2004
a ridiculous type of math that people who are losers provide definitions about on a website created for terms that are relevant in everyday conversation to peers
(urban dictionary). These same losers also find it relevant to mention the different types of calculus and who defined it as if that is important. Unless you are a math
major or engineering major then learning calculus has no meaning or purpose to you. And if you do have those subjects as actual majors then you prolly are a
20-something virgin who has never been on a date before with a real live member of the opposite sex.
Nerd: I find equations that use the "chain rule" in calculus to be the most satisfying to solve.
Normal person: Wow, have you ever had sex with a real person?
Nerd: Sadly, no I havent.
Normal person: wow, (yawn) thats a big surprise.
by Skidmark McGee February 16, 2007

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