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A term used in the Southern vernacular denoting the act of one individual inducing the trip and fall of another in an attempt to bring physical, mental, and/or emotional anguish. To properly “shoot the cag”, one looms in on his victim from behind and when the victim’s trailing foot is in forward motion (taking its next step) the person administering the cag uses his foot to kick the victim’s moving foot into the back of the planted leg, causing a self-tripping effect. Results are most effective when running is involved.
Man, I caught Antwon running through the hall today, and I shot that cag on him! I swear that fool flew 50 ft. and busted his ass!

Antwon: Yeah, he cagged me up good..
by cantBfaded May 26, 2009
45 20
Combination of cunt and faggot.
"You fucking cag!"
"Sup Cag?"
by Becky Sykes April 15, 2008
13 17
An unattractive person who posts pictures of him or herself online that, because they were taken at extreme angles, make said person look hot.
I met this girl over myspace, and she turned out to be a serious cag. Ugh.
by StevoX July 05, 2006
8 12

Creepy Asian Guy. An Asian guy who is creepy.


To meet/hook up with a cag.


Creepy, Asian and male at the same time.
Meet any cags at that Asian club last night?

I'm hope i don't cag it up when I go to Taiwan this summer.

That guy winking by the sandwich line? Yea he's pretty cag I guess.
by Potter, Harry August 24, 2009
7 12
An utterly unsatisfactory event that has happened in school or in any other pubnlic setting: Originates from the spanish verb "cagar" meaning to take a a long and refreshing crap.
Damn pimp, that test is gonna screw my average the F**k up! What a cag!!
by Jigga February 24, 2005
6 19
Cags: Is short for Carole in the U.K.
Cags dinner is ready!
Cags your name is cool!
Cags cant find a key-chain with her name on it!!!! Poor cags!
by Cags April 26, 2003
6 24
To expel the contents of your stomach, to vomit.
I had so much to drink last night night, then I pulled some utter munter (qv). Woke up this morning and it was all I could do not to cag my guts up over the repulsive truffle-hunter.
by Guvnor March 22, 2005
5 25