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Acronym for www.CheapAssGamer.com, a website that features discussion and listings on cheap video games. The CAG acronym can be used to describe a user or the website itself.
Did you see that great deal on CAG today?
The CAGs have bought up all the $5 games.
by CheapyD July 28, 2004
Combat Applications Group. The Officially used acronym for the Army's elite Counterterrorist unit popularly known as Delta Force.
I looked at his report, and even though it doesnt mention it, you can tell CAG was involved in the op.
by herrro!! April 30, 2007
Plural: cags

n. Cute Asian Girl

adj. Cute Asian Girl

Not to be confused with sags, being Sexy Asian Girls. Often cags have no idea they are cag; they don't act in a way that deliberately attracts males (or cabs, Cute Asian Boys).
Noun: 'oh mate check out that cag over there next to the Eastwood Centre'

Adjective: 'wow that girl over there is sooooo cag'

Plural: 'my girlfriend tells me there are cags at Strathfield'
by cagslayer April 05, 2014
The term used for a 'casual cigarette'.
It is used when you are planning on meeting up with say a friend to socialise by having a fag, casually.
Jordan: "Hey Lee, fancy going out for a cheeky cag?"
Lee: "Yeah sure, haven't had a cag in a while!"
by jordanw360 May 26, 2010
something good that occured do to luck
"damn i can't believe he made that shot. what a cag"
by ryan February 11, 2004
Someone, in most cases a male, who is so obsessed with cats that it is really creepy. Can also be used as a shitty or creepy descriptor of said person's actions.
That was a really cag thing to do back there.

Why do you own 18 cats? Don't you know that God hates cags?
by excessdan October 20, 2008
CAG stands for Cool Ass Girl
Person 1: Allie is freaking awesome
Person 2: Yeah, she is such a CAG
by greco1255 September 29, 2011