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Crazy Asian Girl Syndrome (CAGS) is a common change in the state of mind of an Americanized Asian girl between the ages of 18-24 while in a relationship. Although CAGS usually sets in at about the fourth month of a healthy relationship, it can occur anywhere from two weeks to eight months. Usually, the onset of CAGS will lead to the inevitable end of an otherwise, happy and healthy, relationship.

Early signs of CAGS may include
Trivial and arbitrary lies
Increased appetite

Full-blown CAGS may include
Trivial and arbitrary reasons to overreact, including:
Unnecessary yelling
Fraternizing flirtatiously with other males
Purposefully not answering or returning calls of partner
Calculated lies in addition to arbitrary and trivial lies
Reduced libido towards partner

Causes: Due to its fairly recent discovery, very little is known about the causes of CAGS, other than it is most common when the parnter is a caucasian male. Tests on the causes have been inconclusive because of the unpredictable nature of CAGS. "The problem lies in the jrf.jkThis article is based on the theories and speculations of two university students in California. If this article has offended you in any way, go get a sense of humor
Dude, that white girls asian girlfriend has some serious CAGS

by Skubaz23 August 22, 2010

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