A slang term used to describe a person's head
"smack him in his cabbage" -Ghost Face, Verbal Intercourse (Only Built 4 Cuban Links)
by F ta tha June 28, 2007
Cabbage (ka-bij)

a. Adj. Cabbage is what circus midgets smell like. Used to describe a person who smells foul like cabbage. see also Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

b. N. Someone who smell like the fool smelling vegetable with the same name.
a. You are a cabbage person!

b. You're such a cabbage!
by eboyd32 June 04, 2007
to leave someone hanging.
person 1: omg! did i tell you what i did last night?....oh wait, nevermind.
person 2: what?! u hafta tell me now! DONT CABBAGE ME BITCH!
by K-Fed fo shizzle April 17, 2007
type of marijuana that you can eat, it is often eaten to get you body stoned, usually only the parts that can't be smoked are eaten, this includes the stalks
i must have looked like such a freak, just sitting there eating cabbage from my pouch
by turnip whore April 01, 2007
To steal; to borrow without asking.
I cabbaged my roommate's beer from the fridge last night.
by Tess27 December 04, 2006
a taxi cab

grub is to grubbage
as cab is to cabbage

can also refer to another form of transportation, or ride.
my car broke down, so im gonna have to go find some cabbage
by pedro! November 05, 2005
A person's head. Called a cabbage because of the size/shape resemblance to the vegetable. A hip hop term.
When I'm attacking wack MCs I put automatics in the back of they cabbage and blast the cortex into fragments.
by psychicoctopus August 07, 2004

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