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A British Anti-Tank Weapon from the Second World War That simply pushed a large explosive with a large spring.
Fire the PIAT at that tank!
by Scion October 02, 2003
A female who stalks rockstars. When the rock stars leave their houses and/or dressing rooms the groupie goes in to look around.
Fuck, I hate them snoopy groupies, they're always taking my shit.
by Scion July 22, 2004
A term used in the deep south by many hicks.
Good lord, did ya see that dead deer in the road, I could have had it for dinner it was that big!
by Scion July 22, 2004
1. A leaf based vegetable, with green or purple leaves.

2. When used with reference to a person, a idiot, moron, retard, or most other insults.
1. A brought a mouldy cabbage.

2. Grant is such a cabbage.
by Scion April 15, 2004

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