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10 definitions by slimey

1. Someone who eats kebabs, often when drunk or hungover, and on a regular basis.
2. Someone who is very good at eating kebabs - ie does it frequently

see also meat-in-a-roll-ogist
Blake ate kebabs so often, we made him an honourary kebabstronaut.
by slimey January 13, 2005
7 1
Adj. A disease that is bad. A disease/virus brought on through engaging in rapid and sexual intercourse with large bull weevils and pie.
Suffering from skipjacktoona, Johnny B collapsed and died a gleeful death.
by Slimey September 08, 2003
7 4
A manufacturer of slime. A slime doctor.
Feeling juicy and sticky I went to my local Thornrag for a diagnosis.
by Slimey September 08, 2003
4 2
A very dark and sinister animated British comedy. It is extremely amusing and will probably become a hit as it is very unheard of at the moment.
FBI 1: "We have a new terrorist threat sent in from the jihad"
FBI 2: "Tell me what we've got here!"
FBI 1: "Well it apears to be three girls dressed up as destinys child being greeted by a bearded man"
FBI 2: "Go to defcon 4, they're playing with our minds"

Asian extremist 1:"here, ali have you seen my stars in their eyes video"
Asian extremist 2:"yea you left it on the table"
Asian extremist 1:"oh shit i think i sent off the wrong video!"
by slimey November 29, 2004
3 2
see also kebabstronaut
1. Someone who operates a kebab shop on a deserted mainroad in the middle of the night.
that Habib, he's a great meat-in-a-roll-ogist.
by slimey January 13, 2005
3 3
really crap under rehearsed band, who play friends of friends parties at bowling clubs etc...instead of applause they receive calls of "jukebox"
"gee this band sux, what a bunch of sphagnums! JUKEBOX!"
by slimey January 13, 2005
3 4
word used as substitute for pretty much whatever word the speaker wishes. Of Australian origin.
"hey, pass me that ho-ya-going"
"so, anyway i was down at the how-ya-going to get some booze, when who walks in but Bert Newtown}"
by slimey January 13, 2005
2 6