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common word used to replace cunt should you not want to offend whoever you're talking to.
GF (with friends): "Hey baby"
BF: "Awww baby, why'd you bring those cabbages"
by Superiority September 12, 2007
1. adj. for a joke, action, sentence etc. that makes the talker look like a loser.

2. adj. for something that is lame, nerdy or broken.
Person 1: "Yo homie what's up?"
Person 2: "Nm. Been playing my Xbox all day."
Person 1: "That's just sad man. Why don't you go out and get yourself some booty."


Person 1: "What a sad looking wallet"
Person 2: "Yeah I need a new one"
by Superiority September 11, 2007

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