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Short for "to the third power."

Came from the fact that if you got all the square units from cubing a number and put them together, it would make a 3-D cube.

See also: cubed root
"Three cubed = twenty-seven."
by That Bum May 29, 2005
The insertion of 9 or so icecubes up the vagina. Obviously very cold!
John McConville cubed my friend Sarah Harris. Oh The Images!!!!
by Joanna-Clare March 07, 2004
In short, a versatile way of saying great, good, fantastic, amazing, incredible, remarkable. Cubed is exponential greater than what we had, better to the power of 3. Originally come about over the discussion of words like bae and how things catch on, whilst travelling to Bunnings Ballina (the big prawn of Australia!). That's so cubed. So cubed right now.
That's so cubed
by oneshot86400 July 16, 2016
(Verb) To perform and experience complete success during a 24 hour period.

To have had an extremely good day.
Amy: How was your day?

Carlos: I went surfing at Linda Mar, hit a few balls at the driving range, met the in-laws for dinner, caught up on my bills, and found some good new tracks online. I cubed it.

Amy: Damn. That is a great day.

Carlos: Yeah, I'd have to say today was a good day.
by IceCubeFan11 May 01, 2011
a math term basicly meaning, x to the power of three. for example, 5 cubed could equal 5**3, five to the power of three, or 125. cubed is also used in volume. for example, the volume that cube is 36cm cubed.
=v cm cubed

five cubed equals 125
by 5**3=125 February 14, 2009
n. - the state of being broken beyond repair
v. - "to cube" to discard of broken things
adj. - denoting uselessness
"How's that code coming along?" "It turned out cubish and I had to start over."

"I heard you you started seeing someone new." "Nah, we cubed right away."
by John K. Fitzpatrick December 18, 2010
Square^2, square-squared. Totally nerdy, socially clueless, completely out of touch with real life.
Be there or be cubed.
by Carolyn the Great March 30, 2011
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