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To be inebriated.
Usually used when intoxicated on solvents. But has been used for other substances.
Shit dude! I'm fucking buzzing!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
1) Really excited for something thats going to happen
2) Really happy about something
1) "I'm buzzing for Alans party on Friday!"
2) "I'm so happy i'm buzzing!"
by snoopy_x June 24, 2010
after you drink alcohol, but not quite drunk, and not quite sober. light headed off of alcohol, but your not drunk. slightly intoxicated..
fuck man im buzzing off of 2 bottles of beer
by nevets n September 10, 2005
v. Using Google's Buzz service to procrastinate, catch up with friends, or share your thoughts with the world.
I didn't study for the chemistry exam last night because I was buzzing.
by teddywestside February 10, 2010
A predominantly british term referring to tripping off MDMA or ecstasy. sometimes referred to as rolling
"I was buzzing my nut off last night after scoring pills"
by slime_pixie August 06, 2015
Giving someone false information. Coming from the popular inaccurate Buzzfeed Quiz results. It is also sometimes referee to as BuzzFeeding someone.
Guy 1: Abraham Lincoln was a robot.
Guy 2: I know your buzzing me.
by gary_the_hat_guy March 18, 2015
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