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To freak out or to start freaking out. Usually when inebriated under a variety of substances.
John is wigging out!
You're wigging out dude!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
To be inebriated.
Usually used when intoxicated on solvents. But has been used for other substances.
Shit dude! I'm fucking buzzing!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
To be extremely drunk or inebriated.
I was out of my tree last night!
<name> is out of his fucking tree!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
To leave.
Seeya dude, i'm chipping now.
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
To cabbage someone.
Usually a term used when trying to freak out a person who is tripping (inebriated on a psychotomimetic substance.)
I cabbed <name> out!
Dude, stop trying to cabbage me!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
Whatever makes
you feel good.
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003

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