Make Monst Noise after Pooned Up.
After last night, homie i'm buzzing.
by POONCAT April 07, 2009
Verb made up after launch of Google Buzz social network. Similar to facebooking for Facebok or tweeting for Tweeter.
Millions of people started buzzing on the launch of Google's Buzz.
by utnomi February 10, 2010
To worry about something.

Boy 1: Man, I got 42% on my test.

Boy 2: Stop buzzing, it's only worth 5% of the whole term.
by polardude April 05, 2009
something that smells very bad

originated sometime between 2001 and 2006 when i was in school
omg that fart is buzzing
by Steven P March 19, 2007
The process of taking an airplane and flying low enough to give haircuts and even knock people off of trucks!!
HAHAHA, I just buzzed them and they all died!!!
by Anonymous February 13, 2003

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