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Humourous way to say anal sex. Usually used in a joking manner.
by YD February 15, 2005
To give or recieve pleasure with someone's ass and/or fiddle stick.
Holy crap beyatch, did you just give that rubber chicken hardcore buttsecks?!
by Buttsecks master August 15, 2005
To get a cock jabbed up your butt.
I think it's time for buttsecks!
Put your dick in my rump and we can hump hump hump! ;]
by Perfect Imperfection. February 18, 2008
A polite and gentle way to ask your significant other for anal sex.
Me: Buttsecks?
Betty White: Sure!
by Drop_D April 27, 2007
Buttsecks is quite good, and is exceptionally accepted among the African-American culture of the United States. African American males prefer to have anal intercourse with Anglo-American females who have what is called a "phat ass". When anal sex does awry, the white female "biatch" is then transformed into and obese women, most commonly called a "baby momma" or a "stupid nappy headed ho" Buttsecks was first introduced during greek times by Aristotle who once said in his book "The Buttsecks, he who hath no buttsecks, shall deliver its ass to hell and all its inhabitants." More commonly referred in the Holy Bible Psalm 3 John 3:7
1.Tyreese, I believe I am going to buttsecks Maisha on the morrow

2.Teacher: Jamal, I understand your prerogative, but buttsecks is better than crack
by Buttsecks guy November 16, 2009
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