how is that supposed to feel good? there's no sexual organ there or anything... just the pooper.

"Did you.. did you just.. shit on my dick??"
by SLDCJAM October 03, 2006
Unprotected anal sex. A phrase often used on the IGN Vestibule to describe two males giving one another orgasmic anal pleasure by way of a double-headed slimy black used didlo.
SDM: y helo thar buttsecks????! lOLOLOLOLOOOLLL

ASI: yesplz
by someone February 24, 2004
in the words of C. Montgomery Burns:


see - turd burgling.

and the Vesti doth spread...
Buttsecks is the favourite passtime of the Vesti population
by The Burl December 30, 2003
Pertaining to getting owned hard up The ass for breaking the rules.
God-Almighty was Buttsecks hard for not following the rules.
by Enforcer May 25, 2003
A type of shrimp used in the greeting of certain men
That Asianboy shrimp had no buttsecks D:
by procyonca December 12, 2007
You must be a pervert for looking this up, hmmm?

But anyways, a sexual technique with a penis to the ass, commonly used among gay man and man and women.

Called Buttsecks cause it's cooler. c: (Original word: buttsex)
'Let's have sex!'
^---Gay Saddam Huissen to Satan, South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut (Probably having buttsecks anyway)
by Aangie November 29, 2007
n. Faggotry.
v. The act of faggotry.
I had buttsecks with my stepmother.
I am buttsecksing you.
by tehJennifer November 20, 2005

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