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Male penis. also known as a dick, cock, schlong, meat, wiener, noodle, winky, pipe, peepee, ding-dong, snake, tube, hose, worm, caca, dinkerbell, thing, it, willy.
My unit has many names.
by XSGame September 06, 2005
a long penis. The male equivalent of big tits.
yo girl check out mah long schlong
by XSGame September 06, 2005
A TV show where the main characters seek to bang each other. Eventually Ross and Rachel get it on in the bed. Then Joey screws Rachel. Then Monica gets in bed with Chandler on some vacation thing. During the scene, Monica looks under the bed. You can see the shock on her face as she lays eyes on Chandler's schlong. Chandler also gets very excited at Monica's funbags. You can see his boner sticking through the sheets. Joey and Phoebe just go and screw other random people that are in like 2 episodes. After the show they probably went and hat wild bestiality sex though. You could tell. In the end they had one giant orgy.
Friends is a funny show.
by XSGame September 06, 2005
Anal sex for 1337 nerds.
h1 7h4r3 \/\/4nn4 h4v3 50m3 g00d (yb3r buttsecks?? l0l0lz0rz
by XSGame September 06, 2005

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