Anal sex for 1337 nerds.
h1 7h4r3 \/\/4nn4 h4v3 50m3 g00d (yb3r buttsecks?? l0l0lz0rz
by XSGame September 06, 2005
Where a man inserts his member into another person's rectum.
the amazingly homosexual Ah-Schoo enjoys receiving buttsecks from -Tempus-
by Fragmaster170 May 26, 2003
A misspelling of butt sex favored by 13 year old boys. Often used as an insult in online flame wars.
ZOMG! ne body who lykez p0p m00sic has teh buttsecks!
by queen_azure February 18, 2008
The most common word on the IGN Vestibule board. Has to do with anal sex.
omg wtf zargon+larry=teh buttsecks???++?????
by thestinkytwinkie April 22, 2003
Buttsecks is a unit of time that represents how long gay people don't think about butt sex. Aprox. .07 milliseconds.
Man its been 6000 buttsecks since the last time i had butt sex.
by PrivateButtSex October 31, 2009
An enjoyable experience in which one participant inserts his member into another partner (preferably male)'s anus.
I love buttsecks
by dmi December 17, 2002
Anal secks
VVV Appropriate use of word VVV
OMG LEIK A GIRL!1111!!!!1231213!21!!!!
by tdc0819 November 24, 2005

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