A word used to describe something or someone amazing or brilliant and it is the ultimate complement.
''Kayla is so butch like I wish I was her!''

''Laura is so amazing like she is butch yano?''
by babylaura March 03, 2015
Combination of bitch and ugly
"Wow I hate Sofia"
"Me too! She is such a butch!"
by thebestofthebest27 September 07, 2014
The usual lumberjack-looking woman.
That butch over there scared my boyfriends ass off!
by happytimes! May 12, 2009
overly masculine lesbian otherwise known as a shenee
miow butch
by sheneeisbutch July 02, 2012
A very manly women.
A woman with manly features.
Brett: Ew. She's so butch.
Holly: Just like you.
Ashley: Exactly.
by Holly. October 07, 2007
A little fat son of a bitch

A person who works at a hardware store
"Hey did you See that butch that hardware store"
"yea your right he is a little fat son of a bitch"
by Timajdkjakjdkljfaf February 28, 2009
A word all chav girls use to hide the fact the boyfriend is fat and short. This is used to hide shame at the fact their boyfriend is something their friends would consider as ugly.
Chav: My boyfriends so butch
Normal person: By that you mean, fat and short?
Chav: (Nervously) Er! No mate, He's just so butch and hell spark you out!
Normal person: Shut up
by Themightytruth November 21, 2006

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