Butch is another name for an animal that is easily amused by shiny objects and novelty items.
Mark is Butch
by masked crusader June 22, 2004
1) the dominant male in a homosexual relationship

2) Masculine, especially used to describe tough-playing females.
"He's the bitch and I'm the butch"

"Wow, your girlfriend sure is butch"
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
A type of zit that has no center, doesn't come to a head so you can pop it and hurts like a bitch. It just sits there under your skin as a red mean little bump.
Oh how sad you have a butch, those really suck and hurt alot
by DreamLove December 05, 2010
often referred to in the mainstream society, in the 19th century term; when a small section of males in Northern London used to anally punish their victims at the end of crimes.

The name was adopted to describe a type of crutch with which the victims used to fully recover.

The crutch was assembled to hold the anus gently, thus relieving the pain of a prolapse.
"Did you hear about David the other week? I hear he's in intensive care?"

"Yeah I hear he has to use one of those swanky 'Butches'."

"Gee, I wish I could try one of those out!"
by pearlmaester October 26, 2009
to drink drive
Steve: might pull a butch tonight to get home

Andrew: Don't do that bro, we'll get a cab
by Kieran McMaster June 09, 2009
someone who is overly manly but not to an extreme extent. someone who constantly belches like it's their job. an insult or compliment.
"Bekah walks around burping like it's her job, and hey look over there! she's manly!"
"yeah their butch!
by ButchBekah April 07, 2009
it means jump the queue.
stop butching! dude
by howarxd October 17, 2008

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