Strong, sensitive boyfriend, perhaps after Butch Cassidy as played by Robert Redford (1969)
"I was your butch and you were touched," Big Star, "September Girls" (1972)
by hisquoque January 17, 2008
A very manly women.
A woman with manly features.
Brett: Ew. She's so butch.
Holly: Just like you.
Ashley: Exactly.
by Holly. October 07, 2007
A word all chav girls use to hide the fact the boyfriend is fat and short. This is used to hide shame at the fact their boyfriend is something their friends would consider as ugly.
Chav: My boyfriends so butch
Normal person: By that you mean, fat and short?
Chav: (Nervously) Er! No mate, He's just so butch and hell spark you out!
Normal person: Shut up
by Themightytruth November 21, 2006
N. Mannish woman, lesbian (offensive).

Adj. Very masculine man or with masculine manners.
'Look at that butch! Must have left her truck nearby."
by Mauri_uy August 01, 2006
the more dominant or masculine one in a gay/lesbian relationship
the butch is usually the short one...
by they call me reject September 16, 2005
The one with the license.
The dominant partner in a female homo-
sexual relationship as opposed to beaver
or the beav
(Not now I have a headache)
by ultra violet November 25, 2004
Butch is another name for an animal that is easily amused by shiny objects and novelty items.
Mark is Butch
by masked crusader June 22, 2004

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