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Someone who constantly uses the conjunction "but" instead of using more appropriate forms of speech or the other conjunctions such as "and, or, yet, so, for or nor." The word "but" is frequently used in the phrases "yeah, but..." and "but, what if..." implying a contrary disposition to anything and making for very difficult conversations.
"You look nice today," he said, and instead of saying thank you, she said, "but, does that mean I don't look nice on other days?" He said to himself as he walked away, "What a but-head."

"What a terrific, sunny day," he said, "yeah, but the flowers are beautiful," she replied realizing too late that she had been a but-head.

"The team won the championship," she said, "but, what if the parking lot is crowded," he responded. "A championship for but-heads," she whispered to herself.
by Lawn & Garden June 05, 2013
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