1. to get things done
2. a place of business
1. you need to take care of business or your fish is gonna die
2. i work in the family business
The thing you have to get out of bed to do to earn money, e.g, job
"So let's get down to business"
(Eminem stylee!)
by Peter Stringfellow June 20, 2003
This form of business is basically used as a noun. each noun in a sentence is replaced with the word business.
Business Partners, Packing a Business, Sexing Your Business, Drinking Your Business, getting Your business done.

"Your My New Business"
"Packing a Business"
"Tribute Business"
"Hammer Businss"
"Mail Business"
"Metro Business"
"Sloppy Business"
"Q Business"
"Business & What Not"
A bad beating or ass whooping.
If that kid keeps talkin bout me ima give him tha business

by SpYdA [GFM] June 24, 2004
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