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The term "Curb Your Dog" basically has two meanings. One meaning is to keep your dog under control and out of trouble ... ie; keep your dog leashed and/or confine to your property as to keep them from causing trouble for others. It also means to pick up your dog's poo when they are out of your property ... EX: while on walks and/or at the local park you should carry plastic bags and watch for when and where your dog takes a crap and clean it up! No one likes to step in and/or smell dog poo!
While out walking her dogs, Jen saw a sign that read "Please Curb Your Dog". She then remembered that she forgot the poo bags and went back home to get them.

We have been having problems with the neighbor's dog getting in our yard and digging and/or pooing the yard. So we got one of those "Curb Your Dog" signs.
by flutter August 26, 2007
What some of my friends and I call our 'private parts'
My panties are all bunched up in my business today.
by Flutter October 15, 2006
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