To get playing time during any sport.
Since they moved him up to varsity, hes not gonna get any burn at shortstop.
by TonyT April 07, 2006
1. v. - to smoke (cigarette, marijuana) - see blaze
2. v. - to infect one with a sexually transmitted disease
3. n. - (on a sports team) playing time
1. v. - let's burn a spliff before we watch the santa clause 3 with tim allen
- man, i'm stressed out, i burned like a pack of cigarettes today
2. v. - damn, stevie got burned by that slut at the party. shoulda wrapped it up!
- "aaron hit it raw-dog, when will he learn? caught somethin on the usher tour, he had to let it burn" -kanye west, "gone"
- "and if a chick gave you a disease then you got burnt" -big l, "ebonics"
3. n. - jake is fuckin wack, how coach givin' him more burn than me?
- yeah, i practiced and got a lot better over the summer, i'm gettin mad burn now

by shaavisto November 28, 2006
an old irish unit of measurement meaning several to many. It is usually used in conjunction with heavy drinking, as is our way.
"a Burns of us are going out for St Patty's tomorrow"
by burnser1018 March 16, 2010
Burns can either be a last name. Defined as: Strong, Hopeful, Mysterious, Happy, Passionate, Daring, Loyal, Polite, Outgoing, Athletic.

It can also mean that something is hot and it is scorching your fingers or leaving a red mark.

Without the S it can be a diss to some people. Or the same thing as what definition 2 was just non-plurial.
EG #1. Do you know Chloe Burns? Shes a really nice person, she makes a loyal friend. I can tell her anything!

EG #2. Ouch! The kettle's hot! It really burns my fingers!!!!

EG #3.
Shaggy: *eats scooby's sandwich*
Scooby-Doo: Where could my sandwich have gone? It was just here 2 seconds ago!
Shaggy: Burn!
Scooby-Doo: You ate it!
Shaggy: :) HeHe.
by burns007 April 14, 2009
A diss seen or overheard by a third party, who, points it out, as a point of insult to the second party or for laughter amongst the first and third party.
The class is reviewing the book tom sawyer, and discussing what tom must have felt like when he was rejected by a girl.

Male Teacher: you've never been rejected?
long haired Boy: no.
Male Teacher: that's good, that's good. my question is, who had better hair?
class: ooh! BURN! (laughter)
long haired boy: Hey at least i have a girl!
class: ooh! BURN! (more laughter)
Class, teacher, boy: Silence.
teacher: ouch, that, hurt.
class: (small continuous giggles)
by starofelo April 15, 2007
4. n. a data-written CD-R or CD-RW disc; referring to a burned CD
person 1: Hey, I heard that band you like re-released an old LP.
person 2: Yeah, I bought it but I'm not touching it 'til my burn warps.

Person 1: Have you seen my burn of AR's Maxwell show?
Person 2: Naw, but I got the Times Square and a Knitting Factory boot if you want me to burn'em for you.

Person 1: Where's that Joe's Pub burn? They want that poster printed by 4 pm.
by KiM_NJ April 29, 2006
"embarrass someone to make others laugh. You want to combine the elements of humiliation and surprise."
-topher grace, "that 70s show"
Ooooh! He just pantsed you in front of your girlfriend! Burn!
by ALxzzzfoshizzle February 12, 2009

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