slang: to disrespect someone (to diss); to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party. Brought back to life by the ever-popular That 70's Show.
like when Kelso says to Hyde for getting busted by Jacky

Keslo: BURN!
by mdkushner February 15, 2006
to lie or make up an entire story involving something that never happened.

Noun- a lie or totally made up story.
Matt- He says he is being recruited for archery.
Nick- That is a total burns.

Joe- He says he is stuck in traffic and will be here in an hour.
Mike- He is burnsing. He will never show up.
by Itwasntme128 September 19, 2009
A term used by someone when they witness someone being insulted or said to someone who has just done the insulting.
person 1:"Ha ha you smell funny!"
person 2:"Hey, I do not!"
person 3:"Oh man person 2, you just got burned!"
by Lizbear May 04, 2004
1.) A word used to describe someone of extreme dashing.
2.) Anyone with a high level of chivalry.
Wow, that guy was really burns.
by Mad'Max May 03, 2005
A usually sarcastic and insulting comment, devised to burn someone's emotions. Brilliant burns are something anyone around, other than the wimpy victim, should appreciate. If you give one of these ingenius burns, someone around surely will utter, "Oh BURN!!". One must never say these words if they are administering the burn. This sucks most of the burning potential out of it, and, since no one else says "Oh BURN!!", it makes the victim think that only the burner agrees with the comment, giving little to no burned emotion, which makes a burn with the burner saying "burn" not a true burn. Also, when burning, it is best not to actually start the burn, that is, a burn is more painful if the victim says something normal and the burner makes a burning comment, or addition to what the victim said, thus burning the victim. So never say the beginning to what makes a burn; you'll just sound stupid. So good luck, be quick, don't say "burn" if you're burning someone, and don't say the starting words to a burn. Now go out and burn somebody!
Stupid Guy: "Huh! Hey-hey! Yer momma's fat an' UGLY! OH YEAH!! BURN!!!!!"

Victim: "Wow. Your house is really small."
Intelligent Person: "Yeah, there's just enough room in there for me and yo' momma!"
Guy: "OH BURN!!"
by Mbleh November 04, 2007
1) To diss someone extremely well. Usually they won't be able to some up with a comeback.
2) A dis.
3) An exclamation used when burning, or majorly dissing someone.
(this term was first used in the 70's, as you may know if you grew up then or have watched That 70's Show, however it is still used to this day by majorly cool kids)
1) girl 1: man, this soda is pretty flat
guy: ur pretty flat!
girl 2: wow, you burned her bad!

2) random person 1: man, u so fat they don't even make clothes your size!
random person 2: I ain't fat, I'm buff!
random person 3: hey, man, u gotta admit, that was a pretty good burn.

3) (the dude burns (disses) the other dude)
dude who did the burning: Oh! BURNNNN!!!!
dude who got burned: oh no u didn't!
(burn in the past tense is burned, NOT burnt!)
by dudeperson June 13, 2006
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